6 'meet the team' pages that don't suck

A few years ago, I was working for a communications agency. You know, big groovy offices, lots of people wearing beanie hats and massive headphones. I was tasked with overseeing the new website, which was all plain sailing until we got to the Meet The Team page.

Oh, my. The pain. The sheer pain.

See, I saw this as a golden opportunity to showcase the brilliant brains we had under our roof. And our personalities. But when it comes to talking about ourselves, even the most brilliant team can get a little tongue-tied. Or worse still, wheel out their dry-as-dust CV summary for their profile. Factually accurate it may be, but engaging it ain’t.

I have strong feelings about the humble team page. I still think it’s a golden opportunity to make your company human and show off what you’re all about. So I’ve found six of the best - and all very different - team pages to give you some inspiration. Here they are and here’s why I love them.

1. Unbound: Crowdfunding publishers Unbound are a bit different. Their team page quirks up with hand-drawn self-portraits for each of the team. Click them and go straight to their Twitter account. No fuss, no muss. Just great, simple, social-first profiles that invite people to engage.



2. Well + Good: Wellness site Well + Good majors on advocacy in its team page. Yes, there are pretty standard personal profiles, but by adding a line about each person’s wellness passions, W + G reinforces brand values and gives us insight into what the experts like. Hats off for not being prissy about providing email addresses, too.



3. The Bicycle Academy: This is a pretty traditional team page from a typical small business, but I like it because it does what it says on the tin. The profiles for each team member talk about what they actually do, rather than reeling off their CV for the past 5 years. It works.



4. dxw: Web wizards dxw don't have a team page as such – instead, they introduce the team in the context of the overall brand story, including a nifty factual story in numbers section.  No profiles. Just names and faces. In this context, it’s plenty.



5. Diverso: Diverso says they’re ‘accountants, but different’ and they’re living their USP right here on their team page. Their small team is introduced through punchy introductions that reveal – shock horror - a sense of humour (IKR. Accountants with a sense of humour, whatever next?). Click through for their more suited-and-booted professional profile. Nice job.



6. Holly Smith | Celebrant London:  What about when you’re a team of one? Celebrant Holly Smith has cracked it with a pitch perfect profile on her About page. She shares just enough personal information to invite a connection and keeps it all relevant to her services, without being remotely sales-y.