The future of content? It's strategic.

Think of your brand’s greatest assets. Maybe it’s your product or service. Or your loyal customers. Your brand traction in the marketplace, perhaps? Your intellectual property? Whatever they are, these kinds of assets are important. They count. And typically, they’re protected and nurtured strategically. After all, how you attract and retain customers, maintain or expand market position, evolve your offering and capitalise on your brand’s unique ways of thinking are strategic issues.

But what about your brand’s content—all that you’ve created and all that you will create? Is this asset protected and nurtured through your business strategy?

Maybe not. Maybe you have a content strategy and that’s enough. Until it isn’t.

The proliferation of platforms and the resulting evolution of human behaviours over the past 10 years has changed the game for businesses completely in many ways. But one of the more subtle ways is around content: it’s no longer enough for brands to simply produce and share content—in an attention-poor world, that content had better be good.

But what does ‘good’ even mean, any more? Ask a marketer the same question five years ago, and they’d probably have said ‘viral’. Today? Not so much.

Why? Because ‘viral’ no longer cuts it. People are choosy. People are spoiled for choice. People are curious. People are jaded. People are hungry for genuine emotional connection. People are smart enough to spot inauthenticity.

That’s an awful lot to cut through, isn’t it?

But great content can do that, when it’s strategically planned and executed. And that’s why great content is an asset to be protected and nurtured strategically, just as you would your customer base or your product. Content strategy is well and good, but if content isn’t addressed in your overall business strategy, you’re missing a very important trick. The future of content is very definitely strategic.

Wisdom & True’s forthcoming report, The State of Content, explores the strategic side of content for brands, bringing together analysis, views and case studies, together with a wider commentary on how brands approach content, now. If you’d like to participate by offering your views, click on the button below to answer a short survey and sign up to receive Issue 1, The Now Issue.


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Kate Foster