7 signs your website needs a rewrite

I’ve got some bad news for you. You know your brilliant website? The copy almost certainly needs a re-write.

The good news is, it’s not just your website.

While websites used to be ‘destination content’ – the place business cards point people to, the place where potential customers can qualify your credentials—these days, a static content-load isn’t going to cut it. Sure, you may be active on social media platforms or creating more dynamic content in more dynamic places, but your website needs a constant refresh if it’s going to do your brand any kind of justice.

So, is your web copy out of date? Here are 7 signs it needs some love:

1.    You last did any kind of rewrite over 4 months ago

The internet moves fast, and attention spans are following suit. Almost as soon as you publish, your copy is technically out of date. Obviously, you can’t spend every second of every day keeping up—and nor should you—but unless you checked your copy for relevance in the past four months, those words need a little refresh.

2.    You’ve recently added new products or services to your portfolio

I’m guessing your business doesn’t exactly stand still, letting the grass grow beneath its feet. If you’ve added new products or services to your portfolio but haven’t updated your web copy to reflect this, you are missing a gigantic trick. And if you have added something, be honest; was it kind of last-minute, whipped up quickly to get it off your to-do list one Friday afternoon? Kudos for getting to it, but the chances are, these amazing new products and services need a little more love in the grand scene of your website. Time to look again?

3.    You’ve rebranded

Rebrands are exciting. They signal renewed business ambition and verve. They are an exciting talking point for your customers. They’re also a massive pain in the behind. Why? Because when you change your branding, your copy needs to keep up. It’s inevitable that your website’s tone of voice and messages will need to shift, in line with this confident new version of your brand. But amid all the new stationery and website themes and announcements, don’t let copy get overlooked in all the excitement.

4.    Your team or office location has changed

You’d be amazed how often businesses forget (or neglect) to update factual information on their website, like address details, email addresses and team members. An accurate, up to date website is an asset, so get those facts straight.

5.    You’ve delivered some awesome projects and/or customer service recently

If you’re on a winning streak, you need to let the world know. Nothing beats customer testimonials, case studies or success stories that give the reader the meat behind the story. If your customers are telling you they love you, you need to ask whether they love you enough to let you tell their story on your website. Let love rule—and let the leads roll in.

6.    Your last blog post or news item was over 2 months ago

What’s that sound? Oh, that’s it: crickets. Look, it’s simple. Fresh, recent content says ‘we got this’. Old, out of date content says, well, nothing. In a world where content rules, you can’t afford to stay quiet. Time to have your say.

7.    Your analytics are showing lacklustre website performance

How often do you look at your analytics pages? Do you know which pages of your website people are visiting, how long they hang around for and how many page views each visitor session typically covers? If you’re seeing a high bounce rate, what your website visitors are reading just isn’t grabbing them. A new lease of life in the form of fresh new copy and content is your first step to reviving those stats.

But here’s more good news. A website copy refresh can breathe new life into the way you communicate with your customers and prospects—and it can be done quickly and easily. Contact me to discuss a high-level review of your website copy and to learn how I can help you make it better than ever as you gear up for the year ahead.



Kate Foster