Why content without a plan builds you nothing

Imagine you're building a house. Naturally, you don't aspire to build something so-so; you want to build something amazing. Something that works. That will last. And that's why you've looked high and low for the perfect bricks, the ideal doors, the best windows you've ever seen. And how did you know which bricks you needed and how many? And if the doors would be the right doors? Because you had a plan.

You wouldn't start building without one, right?

But many businesses start building their content without a plan. And carry on without a plan. These businesses do not build something magnificent. Instead, they expend often unregulated time, energy and resources with no clear purpose, measurement or outcome. Worse still, they fail to build the true equity (read: value) that comes from a consistent, well-conceived and brilliantly executed content. In short, they are wasting masses of effort. Don't be that business.

Others start a plan but fail to stick to it. Maybe because the initial effort didn't bear the fruits they hoped it would (spoiler: it rarely does; content is a long yet deeply worthwhile game). Maybe because it took longer than they projected, or ran out of time or hit a wall when it came to creativity or direction or format. Sometimes, the plan simply falls by the wayside because other stuff gets in the way. Don't be that business, either.

But say you're a business with a plan. Say you spend time at the start of each year or specific business period asking yourself important questions about what your business needs to achieve, what your customers need and what you as a brand have to bring to the table. Say you set goals, brainstorm themes, revisit past success and failures and extract the learnings. Say you audit your in-house skills and ascertain what's possible, right now, and what you need to hire in or where you need to skill up. Say you build a team and set goals and form a plan to get there and identify how you'll know you've arrived. Say your content works hard for your brand—consistently—because it's on brand, designed with the customer in mind and created with skill and care.

Say you can be that business. Say a single workshop can help you get there. Then you're building something worth talking about.

Be that business. From January - March 2018, I'm offering a limited number of intensive in-house content planning workshop that will help businesses like you:

  • Audit your content to date and grade it across multiple success factors 
  • Align your content mindset to your marketing and business objectives
  • Understand your customers and clarify their needs from your brand content
  • Brainstorm themes and approaches for brilliant brand content
  • Audit in-house subject matter knowledge and content skills
  • Set realistic and meaningful content goals
  • Begin to plan for the year ahead
  • Explore meaningful metrics and success factors for your content
  • Gain clarity, vision and ambition for your content approach in 2018

These workshops are tailored to your business and designed to give you the vision, tools and roadmap for creating content that drives value in 2018 and beyond. By uniting your team to collaborate and ideate, your business will be able to tap into untold wisdom and creativity over the course of the day. It's hard work, but it's the kind that lays the foundations for something wonderful.

The fee for the one-day workshop (which includes a comprehensive pre-event audit) is £2,750.  Get a head-start and book before the end of 2017 to benefit from a serious goodwill discount. I'm offering just 3 workshops in total. Contact me to find out more and book in a day that will change the way your business approaches content forever.

"Your delivery was spot on and easy to digest, to the point that (one day in) we are already starting to see the fruits of your efforts being applied."

Tim Cowan, Drew London



Kate Foster