Does your new business need a copywriter?

For some people, words just don’t come easy. Especially not when you’re sitting at your laptop, staring at a blank screen. That website’s half-built, the branding’s done and now you need the words to articulate what your Brilliant New Business is all about

Should be easy, shouldn’t it? After all, this is the stuff that’s had you dreaming for years and kept you up at night as your plans become a wonderful, terrifying reality.

But you stare at that blank page. You start to type. Delete. Type. Delete again.

So, do you need a copywriter?

A couple of years ago, I’d have said, “yes, absolutely”. Today, I’d say, “nope.” And yes, I realise that’s quite an about-turn for a copywriter like me, of all people. But here’s why.

From my work with start-ups and new companies, I’ve come to believe that the single best person to wrote about your business is you. You, the founder. You, the brains. You, the heart and soul.

Why? Because when a business is in its infancy, certain things are important. Speed. The ability to spot an opportunity and seize it. Flexibility. Low overheads. The ability to experiment with minimal risk. Authenticity. Fire in your belly.

What do these have to do with copywriting? Everything.

I’ve worked with many new businesses as a copywriter. I love new businesses; they’re exciting to write for. A blank canvas. So much at stake. Endless possibilities. But sometimes, when these businesses start to spend good money on good copywriting, certain things start to happen.

They become risk-averse. “If we’re spending all this money, we’ve got to get it exactly right,” they say. Decision paralysis descends, until they fail to commit to anything, for fear of choosing wrongly.

Or they become detached from the process. “Ah, you’re the writer, you’ll know better than me what to say. Just put what you think sounds right.” But while this might sound like touching faith in my abilities, this is, in fact, complacency. Business owners need to have a stake in this stuff.

But worst of all, I’ve seen clients become downright fearful that that they’re spending money they might not be able to immediately quantify. The ROI of a well-written website is near impossible to measure, but that doesn’t mean that your new business doesn’t need one.

All of which brings me back to the point, which is this: when you’re starting up, don’t spend money on a copywriter. Spend money on gaining the skills you need and invest in support (like proofing or editing) that will help you get there yourself, because even if you’re not a writer, you’ll gain more than just new skills and a website copy draft that’s cost you very little. You’ll get closer to the heart of why you do what you do and become ten times better at expressing that drive. Because that’s the kind of story that wins attentions and captures hearts.

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