Your business needs great copy, but you're not a writer. Yet. 


The most qualified person to write about your business? That'd be you. 

Copywriting is the stumbling block for so many business owners. Some hate writing, some fear it, some just don't believe they can. I can fix that.

I'm Kate Foster and in my years as a copywriter, I've heard from hundreds of small business owners who struggle with copy. That's why I've pulled together everything I know about writing great copy for your business and distilled it in a series of online courses that empower business owners to communicate clearly and naturally.

Get fast, fluent and fearless with my online copywriting courses for kickass businesses, just like yours.


“I tried out my sales pitch in a new business meeting yesterday and was hired on the spot. Thank you!”  Elle, Designer

Easy-to-follow online courses that guide you through the entire copywriting and content creation process, so that you lose no time and waste zero dollars.

Get clear about your business differentiators and the unique value you offer—and learn how to communicate it in a natural way that commands attention.

Gain confidence writing about your business with the help of free guides, step-by-step processes, workbooks, cheat sheets, templates and more indispensable bonus content!