You've started a business, or you're just about to. What a rock star!

Now all you have to do is tell the world. Thing is, that can be the hardest bit. Where do you start? How to find the right words to get the right message across? And what even IS the right message?

Wonder no more, because in Get Ready To Write For Your Business, I'm going to give you the know-how, tools and confidence to write fast, fluent, fearless copy for your brilliant business.

Stop wasting time on copy that doesn't work. Quit procrastinating because you don't know where or how to start. And let's dispense with the so-so, not-sure, it'll-do copy. Instead, join me for 8 action packed modules that'll have you ready and raring to write kickass content for your business in no time.

Course highlights

  • Cultivate the right mindset to write with purpose and authenticity, like the rock star you are
  • 8 modules covering purpose, tone of voice, writing styles and techniques, brand values, storytelling and more
  • Build confidence and your own personal writing style
  • Easy to follow, no experience needed
  • Work at your own pace
  • Make instant progress and get results with fast-track exercises that work
  • Valuable bonus content you'll use time and time again: Content planner, 10+ document templates, writing prompts and more


Online course: Get Ready To Write For Your Business

£199.00 (£165.83 +VAT)