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Every brand possesses oceans of untapped wisdom, ready to be transformed into its greatest asset: content that connects brand with audience in a way that’s both powerful and meaningful.


Content strategy

What role does content play in your business? What role could it play? And what does your business need, in order to make these possibilities a reality?

I work with brands to uncover and explore the possibilities for their brand's content and link it to clear business objectives. This forms the basis of a content strategy that’s fully aligned to your mission, goals and ambitions, together with a workable plan to make it happen.

“We originally asked Kate to help us with copy for ads, landing pages, editorial pieces, pieces of research, press briefs, clients interviews and more. She delivered on every level, providing top quality work. Kate was working to extremely tight deadlines and always came in on time. She has quickly became a trusted consultant who we rely on heavily and have come to think of her as one of the family!”



Strategic content development and copywriting

How can you use content to connect to specific audiences in specific ways to bring about specific outcomes? And once you know what you want to say, how will you go about it?

Great content flows from a clear purpose and vision. But sometimes, it also requires specialist skills to bring it to life. I support clients in developing their strategic content, all the way from inspiration, to broad idea, to a tangible plan, to creating outstanding content that cuts through.

"Kate helped us shape our content into an engaging and informative email series for new parents that reflected our brand. It was important to get our brand values across and to strike exactly the right tone—the resulting copy ticked all of the boxes."



Thought leadership programmes

How will your brand demonstrate deep wisdom and exemplary thinking through its content? And how will you drive business outcomes from this kind of content?

For the majority of B2B brands, thought leadership is time-consuming, costly and painful. Yet it doesn’t have to be. I help brands unlock and share their wisdom through streamlined thought leadership programmes that have the potential to pay dividends without the pain. From strategy to project management, interviewing, writing and launch plans, I use my experience to help your brand differentiate with thought leadership more easily and cost-effectively.

"We asked Kate to help us produce a publication on innovation for a key client. We wanted to change our client's perception of us and deliver our innovation story in a new and engaging way - and we needed to deliver fast. And it was all possible, thanks to Kate’s work.”



Message definition and tone of voice

How does your brand communicate its values, beliefs and differentiators? How do you connect with your core audiences on a mutual level? And what is it that you really need to tell the world about your brand?

I help brands discover and craft their most authentic tone of voice and give them the tools and resources to use it consistently across all of their content and customer interactions. I also support brands in defining their most important messages to the market, so that they can communicate with clarity and impact across audiences, formats and platforms.

“Wisdom & True is our go-to partner when we’re working with new brands. Kate’s ability to get to the heart of a brand’s key messages and shape their tone of voice is invaluable and provides the foundation for distinctive brand communications from the get-go.”



Content facilitation and training

How do you, as a brand, get better at planning and creating your own content? Which skills do you need in-house, and how do you develop them further?

Even as a copywriter, I believe that in most cases, the best person to write about a brand is found within the brand itself. But this requires a whole, specific skillset that not every brand possesses. Yet.

I work with brands to facilitate their content production through light-touch support (copy editing and mentoring) and in-house training and on-going coaching for groups and individuals. Whether it’s a workshop designed to get your team blogging with confidence and regularity or a one-on-one programme to nurture content expertise, my approach can flex to your specific business needs.

"We wanted to refine our existing content to make sure that it was clear and concise—and that it would work with the intended audiences. Kate really helped us do this, making sure that the content flowed and making the tone of voice consistent across the different papers."